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Views of Cape Town and Surrounding Areas

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Views of Cape Town and Surrounding Areas


Leisure Bay (Lagoon Beach) - stunning views of Cape Town towards Table Mountain, brilliant beaches, and great accommodation, very convenient to the city and surrounds.

Below are just some of the stunning views of Cape Town and its magnificient surroundings:

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Cape Point

The jagged, sun-soaked peninsula at Cape Point cuts into a dark sea.

The Cape of Storms pierces an ocean that stretches southwards for      5000 kilometres.

The early Portuguese explorers rounding the Cape of Good Hope called it 'Cabo Tormentoso', the Cape of Storms - a cruel stretch of wind-lashed coastline that pierced their precarious route across the southern ocean. Such was the fury of the gales pounding the Cape of Storms that over the centuries the legend emerged of a sea giant named Adamastor that swallowed ships whole. Adamoster was banished to the dark, seething waters of Cape Point as a punishment for rebelling against the gods of ancient Greece; and there, so the legend goes, he remains to this day, tormented spirit raging in the gales that batter the peninsula.

But this need not worry you when on holiday because the Cape Peninsula's ancient sandstone peaks act as natural deflectors, protecting some of the world's most beautiful bays and beaches.

In summer, when the southeast wind buffets the eastern flanks of Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles, many coves and beaches on the western side remain tranquil and wind-free - ideal retreats for sunseekers and other holidaymakers. Conversely, when the northeast wind blows, the waters of False Bay on the protected eastern side are often calm, attracting beachgoers and divers to the granite shoreline.

Cape of Good Hope



Cape Maclear

Fringed with foam, the blue green waters of the Atlantic wash a secluded beach at Cape Maclear in the Cape Point Nature Reserve. 

The Cape of Good Hope is a headland that rises 256 m (840 ft) above sea level on the southwestern coast of South Africa.




Table Mountain forms the dramatic backdrop to Cape Town and dominates the landward end of the Cape Peninsula. 


The mountain is made up of sandstone bedded in horizontal layers that have proved more resistant to erosion than the surrounding land. Maclear’s Beacon, at 1,086 m (3,563 ft), is the highest point. The mountain has its own microclimate, attracting clouds and rain, which supports a lush vegetation.

The Cedarberg Range:  


lies to the north of Cape Town, in one of the more arid partsof South Africa’s Western Province.

The quartz-sandstone rocks have been blasted and hewn by millions of years of winds and rain to form some spectacular natural features, such as the Wolfberg Arch (as seen on left).

Below you can see some Cape vines, trimmed of their foliage, basking in the winter sun; whilst immediately under that is a photo of trellised vines lying at the foot of the Du Toitskloof Mountains near Paarl.























Miller's Point

Translucent waters shimmer and swirl against a lazy shore at Miller's Point. In the background are the Hottentots-Holland Mountains.















Robben Island: Notorious for housing political prisoners such as Dennis Vincent Brutus,  Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Govan Archibald Munyelwa Mbeki, Maqana Nxele, and Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, amongst many others.

Lagoon Beach (where we are situated) is also marked below.










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